Tuesday, 28 March 2017

                                How to recover your Gmail account with security questions?

We are in a time where we need to use email accounts for our day to day work and Gmail has made our task easier than ever before.This Google product have introduced the features that we needed for using our email accounts easily and smoothly. This email service wors quite good, but with that it shows some tech issues also and to get the tech issues fixed get connected with technicians at Gmail Help Number Australia. For the issue of recovering your gmail account here is the way you should follow:
·         Open Gmail on your device.
·         There you will get to see the “Need Help” option, hit that.
·         Pick the option of "I don't know my password" and then, enter your email ID password for which you need to recover.
·         Hit the “"Continue" button.
·         There you have to enter the last password you remember or you get the option of “I don't know”.
·         When you are not able to recover your email or phone number, at that time click on “Verify your identity” option.
·         There you have to answer some questions related to your identity, answer those questions.
·         Now, hit the "Continue" button.
·         Choose the "Reset Password" option.
·         Enter the new password.
·         Re-enter it for confirmation.
·         Hit the "Change Password" button.

Like this there are many problems that can come on your way while working on your gmail account. When such technical issues will arise on your gmail account get connected with technicians at Gmail Helpline Number Australia.There can be any type of tech issue arising on your Gmail account and you need to be prepared to fix them all instantly. Call these technicians and they are ready to serve you with the solution you need for that particular tech issue you are facing in your Gmail account. 

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